The interactive maps below provide information for exploring the nation's best schools, locating child care and educating kids about the State of Maryland.

Maryland Women's Fight for the Vote Maryland Women's Fight for the Vote
The Maryland Historical Trust set out to better understand the state's women's suffrage movement. Over fifty historic sites were researched and documented that can be linked to where Maryland women worked to advance their cause. This story map highlights the Statewide activism of Maryland's suffragists and the places where they demonstrated, lobbied, and were jailed in pursuit of the right to vote.

Provided by the Maryland Historical Trust (MHT)

INSPIRE Baltimore City Schools Plan App Maryland Kids Map
This story map provides kids with historical information about Maryland and its Counties. Kids can learn about Maryland landmarks, the origins of each county and discover fun facts about the physical landscape and economy.

Provided by the Maryland Secretary of State (SOS).

INSPIRE Baltimore City Schools Plan App Baltimore City Schools (INSPIRE) App
The Baltimore City 21st Century Building Plan has been put in place to grow and revitalize communities in Baltimore City. This app displays information about the plan's impact on schools and their surrounding communities.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP).

Maryland Public Schools Maryland Public Schools
The online public school map is designed to provide important information about schools in Maryland. The map serves as a resource to enhance and assist growth management and land-use planning decisions.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP)

Maryland Higher Education Facilities Maryland Higher Education Facilities
Whether a traditional student or a student looking to learn new skills, Maryland's higher education facilities have something to offer. Use the interactive map to find a location near you.

Provided by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC)

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