Online Course - ArcGIS Collector

This online course is similar in content to the instructor-led course Introduction to Field Data Collection using Collector for ArcGIS. This course makes use of Maryland data and the MD iMAP system.

​​This online course is designed to lead users through four lessons focusing on the use of ArcGIS Collector. This course requires an ArcGIS Online account to complete. The course is designed for Maryland State employees, thus an account with Maryland's ArcGIS Online Organization will be requested. However, any ArcGIS Online account can be substituted. Accounts for ArcGIS Online for Maryland are available to state employees of eligible Maryland State agencies or contractors doing work on behalf of those state agencies. If you are an eligible user and need an account, please fill our and submit the ArcGIS Online for Maryland Account Request form.

Course Description:
This course is intended for those individuals who have basic knowledge of GIS, ArcGIS Online, and are already familiar with the MD iMAP Program. This course provides an introduction to field data collection using ArcGIS Collector.
  • Create layers and web maps in ArcGIS Online for use with the ArcGIS Collector application.
  • Use ArcGIS Collector to add new features and edit existing data.
  • Explore workflows for managing data collection across the ArcGIS Platform.
  • pdf iconArcGIS Collector Reference Guide
  • Lesson 1 - Prepare Data Layers
    This lesson provides instruction for using ArcGIS Online to create new hosted feature layers.
  • pdf iconExercise 1 - Prepare Data Layers in ArcGIS Online
  • Demo - Create Folder
  • Demo - Create Layer
  • Lesson 2 - Create Web Map
    This lesson provides instruction for using ArcGIS Online to create a new map; add and edit data; save, share, and configure the settings for a map.
  • pdf iconExercise 2 - Create Web Map in ArcGIS Online
  • Demo - Save Map
  • Lesson 3 - Use ArcGIS Collector to Capture Locations
    This lesson provides instruction in using Collector to capture and edit data; configure settings; and use measure, my places, bookmarks, and directions functionality.
  • pdf iconLesson 3 - Use Collector (Slides)
  • pdf iconExercise 3 - Use Collector
  • ​​Lesson 3 - Use Collector
  • Demo - Use Collector to Capture Locations
  • Lesson 4 - Collector Workflows
    This lesson shows various workflows in Collector.
  • pdf iconLesson 4 - Collector Workflows (Slides)
  • Lesson 4 - Collector Workflows