​MD iMAP Template Overview

The MD iMAP Template is an application that enables users to incorporate and deploy either an ArcGIS Online (AGOL) webmap or a REST service on any server. It utilizes Esri's JavaScript API (v3.13) and the Dojo JavaScript Framework (v1.10.4) that allows for viewing across devices and platforms (iPad compatible).

There are two ways to implement the template: 1) Through ArcGIS Online and 2) Deployed from a local server. Documentation is provided below for those interested in either implementation.

MD iMAP Template in ArcGIS Online
The MD iMAP Template can be implemented in ArcGIS Online (AGOL) without the need for developer experience. The template has been designed to provide wizard-based functionality to customize the resulting application. The MD iMAP Template is only accessible, via AGOL, to members of the ArcGIS Online for Maryland organizational account. To find out how to obtain an AGOL for Maryland account, please visit the ArcGIS Online for Maryland Account Request​

Note: Users configuring the MD iMAP template using Google Chrome may experience a blank web map. For step-by-step instructions on how to resolve this issues, go to the Training Documents page and click on "Browser Setting Adjustments for Issues Configuring MD iMAP Template in Google Chrome" under the ArcGIS Online section.

Exploring the MD iMAP Template
Discover the available tools, widgets and functionality available in the MD iMAP Template.

Configuring the MD iMAP Template in ArcGIS Online
The MD iMAP template is available as a hosted application within our ArcGIS Online for Maryland organization. Find out how to quickly configure the MD iMAP Template​ to work with your ArcGIS Online Web Map and have users up and running with a customized application.

Configuring the MD iMAP Template for Developers
If you have development experience or want to host the MD iMAP Template on your own local server, download the code and start customizing! The Template code is available from our GitHub repository.

MD iMAP Template Examples​
The MD iMAP Template is currently being deployed for use by a number of organizations throughout Maryland. Examples are available to explore the various configuration and functionality changes that are possible using the MD iMAP Template. Examples are available both for applications running from AGOL and from local servers.

Note: Although the template is mobile compatible, it is not yet optimized for smartphone use. For the desktop, the template works best with current web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (v10 and higher).

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