Technical Committee Overview

The MD iMAP Technical Committee is open to any participants interested in assisting the State guide the direction and focus of the Maryland's Enterprise GIS. This committee currently consists of State agency personnel who are responsible for using and implementing MD iMAP, local government representatives, as well as, private and non-profit representatives.

The Technical Committee is responsible for the development of the MD iMAP content, policies, and procedures. It provides updates to stakeholders for new initiatives; resolves issues identified; and makes recommendations for changes, additions, or exceptions to MD iMAP system infrastructure or data sets.

The Technical Committee is co-chaired by John Lesko​ and Kevin Coyne. Please contact them for more information or opportunities to get involved with MD iMAP.

Technical Committee Members
The Technical Committee currently has participants from over 20 unique agencies from across the State of Maryland. A list of participating agencies is available to determine if your agency is being represented.

Technical Committee Meetings
The Technical Committee meets every month to discuss technically-based topics related to MD iMAP, including infrastructure, maintenance, data, metadata and statewide initiatives whose results will be made available through MD iMAP. These meeting are open to any participants.

Please contact the GIO Office at for more information.

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