The Geographic Information Office (GIO Office) is available as a point of contact for GIS Master Contracts, GIS Software, Licensing, ArcGIS Online (AGOL) and Training support. Please use the links below to access details on each of the support topics.

Software GIS Master Contracts
View the available State of Maryland Master Contracts, associated specifically with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, maintenance and support, for use by Executive Branch State Agencies and Non-Executive Branch Organizations. GIS Master Contracts streamline the procurement process ​and provide accessibility to obtain necessary resources.

Software Software
Understand how to obtain and install copies of the available software products under the Maryland GIS Software Master Contract. Software is first installed on a local machine and then it is authorized for use. The licensing section provides details concerning the various levels of licensing and how to authorize the software.

Licensing Licensing
Obtain details about the difference between Single Use, Concurrent Use and Server products, product functionality based on license level, how to request a license and how to authorize the software. Licensing requires that the software already be installed on the local machine. The software section provides details on how to find, download and install available software and extensions.

AGOL/Cloud AGOL/Cloud
ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is a cloud-based solution with a substantial collection of maps, applications and geographic knowledge. AGOL can be used to quickly build and deploy interactive maps that can be viewed on any device, from desktop to tablet to smartphone. AGOL provides a wide variety of products to citizens and government employees in Maryland.

Training Training
The Geographic Information Office (GIO Office) provides a variety of training from self-paced training in the form of downloadable step-by-step instruction documents to on-site individual or group training for employees of State agencies. Available training covers the use of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online (AGOL)products.

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