Software FAQ

Where Do I Get Software From?

Esri Desktop software can be downloaded from the GIO Download Site.
  1. Go to the GIO Download Site.
  2. Click on the folder of the desired software.
  3. Click on the download file (.zip or .msp) to be downloaded to the local machine.
Note: This site is only access to State agencies on the Statewide Government Intranet (SwGI) network. If you do not have access to the SwGI network, please contact the GIO Office at A GIO Office representative will contact you to determine an alternative software delivery method.

How Do I Request Technical Support for Esri Software?

Send all requests for Esri Technical Support to the GIO Office at Your request will be forwarded to the GIO’s office, which will review your request and contact you promptly via email or phone within 1 business day.

Do I Have to Upgrade Software to Use the Central License Manager?

The Central License Manager servers will recognize older versions of ArcGIS back to Version 10.0. You may want to upgrade to access the features of the newer versions of software.

Find information on how to obtain updated software versions under the "Where Do I Get Software From?" FAQ. This information applies only to those individuals who have access to SwGI, the Statewide Government Intranet. For those who do not have access to SwGI, please contact the GIO Office through for assistance.

How Do I Check If I Am Running Software With the Latest Patches or Service Packs?

Each user is responsible for installing software Service Packs and Patches for the Esri software installed on the computer. To check which services packs have been installed:
  1. From the ArcGIS program folder in the Start Menu, open the ArcGIS Administrator.
  2. Click on the top folder
  3. Visit Esri's Support webpage to find information about the latest Service Packs and Patches.
  4. Download the appropriate files and have them installed on the computer.
Esri recommends NOT saving the files in the folder where the software is installed. Depending on the level of permissions on your computer, it might require assistance from your IT Support unit to perform the installations. The file downloaded is self-installing, double click on the file and follow the instructions.

What Are the System Requirements For Installing and Using Esri Products?

Esri provides a System Requirements guide for its products. Please refer to the guide for information on minimum Operating System versions, RAM, Hard Drive space and additional components.

I Am Using An Older Version of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Server or Other Esri Products. What is the Available Support for These Products?

Esri provides a Product Life Cycle Guide for the various versions of their products. Please refer to the guide for support timelines and deprecation plans.