One Maryland One Centerline (OMOC) Overview

Background Information
The Maryland State High​way Administration (SHA) is responsible for maintaining a statewide road centerline dataset containing linear referencing route and measure information and an inventory of roadway characteristics. This dataset is mandated to satisfy Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Highway Pe​rformance Monitoring System (HPMS) reporting requirements. Each year, FHWA requires every state to submit an inventory of publicly-maintained roads, including a​ccurate mileage, lane mileage and travel information. This data is used in the apportionment of Federal-Aid Highway Funds to the states. SHA collects and maintains this data for state-maintained roads and relies on local jurisdictions to report major improvements for local government-maintained roads.

Program Purpose
As a result of the Federal Surface Transportation Funding Program, the Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21), which was signed into law in October 2012, states are required to include dual carriageways and all publicly maintained roads as part of their HPMS Submission. This new requirement is driving SHA to expand current business process and to coordinate more closely with Maryland’s local jurisdictions.

Find out the definition of a centerline, along with the valuable information that is associated with these linear features. The OMOC centerlines are developed based on a collaborative partnership intended to support the efforts of all participating jurisdictions.​​

Linear Referencing
Essential to any road network are distance measures of events along the line including locations of traffic incidents and/or for associating multiple sets of attributes to a portion of the road centerline. Find out how OMOC plans to implement and use this valuable information.

Snap-to Points
With so many partners contributing data to the OMOC effort, it is necessary to focus on the end points where linear features meet. Find out how these points help with edge-matching and the development a seamless roadway network.

Benefits to Public Safety
The OMOC system will aid public safety and emergency management for incident response in near real time. Find out how authoritative data from public and private partnerships are making this type of response possible.

Benefits to Asset Managers
Managing transportation assets requires understanding the current state and maintenance history of those assets. Find out how OMOC will help enhance decision-making regarding asset investments.

Esri Roads and Highways
Maintaining asset information and road geometry by the data owners is key to OMOC. Find out how The State of Maryland will use Roads and Highways to centrally maintain authoritative, statewide road centerline data.

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