One Maryland One Centerline (OMOC) Esri Roads and Highways

ESRI Roads and Highways information

What is Esri Roads and Highways?
Esri’s Roads and Highways is a software product for managing road centerline geometry in a linear referencing environment with a broad spectrum of associated information. Roads and Highways is an extension to ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS for Server. The State of Maryland will use Roads and Highways to centrally maintain authoritative, statewide road centerline data.

Maryland State Implementation
The Maryland State Highway Administration will use the Roads and Highways desktop component to efficiently maintain the statewide linear referencing system and centerline. The Roads and Highways server component, the Roadway Characteristics Editor, will be available for local jurisdictions to directly inter­act with their authoritative roadway linework and information about their roadways, such as addressing information, assets, traffic, and pavement.
The Roadway Characteristics Editor is a map-centric web application that allows data editing via the Internet. Users directly edit or redline existing data, or upload new data from GIS or CAD formats.

Do Local Jurisdictions Need to Purchase the Extension?
No, they will only need Internet access to use the software via the ArcGIS for Server implementation at Maryland State Highway Administration.

Will Data Be Secure?
Only authoritative data owners will be able to edit their data. Associated data can be shared at the data owner’s discretion, however the statewide centerline GIS file with minimal attribution will be made available to the public.

Do I Need a Linear Referencing System to Use Esri Roads and Highways?
No, as a benefit of the OMOC program, your data will represented in the statewide linear referenc­ing system and made available for local jurisdiction use.

Please visit Esri Roads and Highways for more information on this ArcGIS for Desktop Extension.

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