One Maryland One Centerline (OMOC) Centerlines

What is a Centerline?
A centerline is a linear graphic representation of the center of a roadway. Centerline segments are connected at intersections to create a model of the real-world roadway network. In addition, centerline segments are linked to data tables, or attributes, that describe information about the roadway such as:

  • Road Identifiers (road name, route number, prefix, etc)
  • Roadway Characteristics (speed limit, number of lanes, etc)
  • Roadway Classifications (owner, maintainer, functional class, etc)
  • Address Information (ranges, postal code, etc)
  • Traffic (traffic counts, volumes, rates, etc)
  • Pavement (type, quality, maintenance records, etc)
  • Safety (crash severity, pedestrian incidents, etc)
  • Assets (line striping, signage, lighting, etc)
  • Routing (turn restrictions, travel directions, etc)

Maryland's Centerline
Maryland’s public roadway system is jointly owned, operated and maintained by the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA), the Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA), Baltimore City, and Maryland’s 23 counties and 159 incorporated municipalities. The One Maryland One Centerline Program aims to create a sustainable, current, authoritative, and multi-use centerline dataset through collaborative partnerships between these entities.

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