Partners FAQ

How Can I Become a Partner of MD iMAP ?

There are many ways to get involved with MD iMAP. Contact the GIO Office at to voice your interest or fill out the form on the MD iMAP News & Alerts Sign Up page to receive the latest news and alerts.

Who Are the Current Partners of MD iMAP?

There are many partners of MD iMAP , including many State and Local organizations, as well as, educational institutions, the federal government and organizations from the private sector.

Many partners are members of two committees that govern and administer MD iMAP, the Council on Open Data and the MD iMAP Technical Committee. Council on Open Data members provide guidance concerning geospatial policy in Maryland. Technical Committee members implement standards and initiatives set forth by established geospatial policy.

A list of Technical Committee members are available for review.

How Do I Become A Committee Member?

The Technical Committee is open to all interested parties. The Technical Committee meets on the 1st or 3rd Tuesday of each month. For information on the activities of the Technical Committee, please visit the Technical Committee page. From this page, you can find a list of Technical Committee members and minutes from previous meetings. To become a Technical Committee member, please fill out the form located on the MD iMAP News & Alerts Sign Up page and indicate your interest in participating in the MD iMAP Technical Committee.​​​​​