MD iMAP 3.0

MD iMAP is Maryland's Enterprise GIS. This platform includes a robust and reliable core infrastructure, access to GIS software and delivery of authoritative data and services to support the GIS community.

Since it's creation in 2008, MD iMAP has grown to host over 250 services supporting data, imagery, lidar, and geocoding activities. While we are proud of the resources and support we have been able to provide to date, we continuously strive to improve upon the quality and reliability of the system.

MD iMAP 3.0 is an enterprise statewide mapping system that...

  • highly available
  • ...has enhanced performance
  • ...has new capabilities
  • ...has authoritative data
  • scalable

We are dedicated to continuously improving upon a resource that our partners have come to know and trust. We are focused on offering the GIS community a centralized resource that supports more users and more data without sacrificing performance.

System and Functionality​
Learn about the system specifications that influence how you access and interact with MD iMAP. This includes information on domains, URLs, and software platforms.

Data and Services​
Discover how advances in technology allow MD iMAP to be more versatile and meet the current and future needs of partner agencies and the public. Review standards being put into place to streamline processes to obtain and maintain up-to-date data within the system.​​​​​​​​​

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