MD iMAP 3.0 Data and Services

Map Service Standards and Properties
Feature Services
Feature services are enabled for the majority of map services on MD iMAP. Feature services allow for additional functionality inside of ArcGIS Desktop, including:

  • Perform Spatial and Attribute Queries
  • Change Symbology from the Published Symbology
  • Feature Exporting

Dynamic Layers​
All map services published through MD iMAP now have dynamic layers enabled by default. Enabling dynamic layers allows scripting with the Esri APIs access to:

  • Change Symbology from the Published Symbology
  • Change Layer Order from the Published Layer Order
  • Change Layer Labeling from the Published Layer Labeling

OGC Web Services
Esri provides service compatible with Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards, which allows services to be consumed in clients other than Esri’s ArcGIS Desktop or APIs. The following OGC Web Services will be enabled​ for all services, where possible:

  • Web Coverage Service (WCS) - Serves Data as Raster Coverages
  • Web Feature Service (WFS) - Serves Data as Vector Features
  • Web Map Service (WMS) - Serves Layers as Map Images
  • Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) - Serves Cached Map Tiles
  • Web Processing Service (WPS) - Serves Geoprocessing Services

Web Map Services (WMS) are available in the following projections:

  • Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere (WKID: 3857)
  • WGS 1984 (WKID: 4326)
  • Maryland State Plane Feet (WKID: 2284)
  • Maryland State Plane Meters (WKID: 26985)
  • Maryland State Plane Feet NAD83 2011 (WKID: 6488)
  • Maryland State Plane Meters NAD83 2011 (WKID: 6487)
  • Maryland State Plane Feet NAD83 HARN (WKID: 2893)

Data Downloads
Data hosted on MD iMAP Public is available (unless containing sensitive or license restricted data) for download through multiple methods. Methods and data formats include:

Download Method Available Through Downloadable File Type
WFS Service ArcGIS Desktop* Feature Class
Data Portal GIS Data Catalog Spreadsheet, KML, Shapefile, API
Server Object Extension MD iMAP REST Endpoint Shapefile

*Instructions on pdf iconHow to Add WFS Services to ArcGIS Desktop

Map Service and Layer Structure
When a service calls for a single service with multiple layers, the most recent year will be added as the last layer in the service. An example of this is shown below:

A Single Year of Data<iso folder>/<service name>/<layer name>/MapServer/<layer id>
2012 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2012/MapServer/2
2013 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2013/MapServer/3
2014 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2014/MapServer/4
2015 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2015/MapServer/5
2016 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2016/MapServer/6
2017 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2017/MapServer/7
2018 Data<iso folder>/<service name>/2016/MapServer/8

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