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MD iMAP 2.0 Data Categories

Prefix Category Name Description Examples of Category Data Icons
AGRL Agriculture Rearing of Animals; Cultivation of Plants Agriculture, Aquaculture, Herding, Irrigation, Livestock Agriculture Icon
BIOT Biota Flora and/or Fauna in the Natural Environment Biological Resources, Ecology, Habitat, Sea Life, Vegetation, Wildlife, Wilderness Biota Icon
BNDY Boundaries Governmental Jurisdictions; Physical Delineation County, Legislative Districts, Municipalities, School Districts, Shorelines, Voting Districts
BSEC Business Economy Business Activities; Economic Activities Business, Commerce, Incentives Programs
DEMO Demographics Census Boundaries; Characteristics of Population Age, Blocks, Block Groups, Census Tracts, Housing, Income, Population, Urban Areas
EDUC​ Education​ Education Facilities; Educational Resources K-12 Schools, Universities, Colleges, Libraries​
ELEV Elevation Height Above or Below Sea Level Bathymetry, Digital Elevation Models (DEMs), LiDAR, Slope, TINs
ENVL Environment Environmental Resources; Environmental Protection; Conservation Programs Environmental Impact, Environmental Pollution, Nature Reserves, Protected Lands, Water & Air Quality, Waste Storage and Treatment
-- Geocode Services Automated Process to Match an Attribute Location to a Geospatial Location Address Points, Centerlines, Highway Exits, Intersections, Parcel Points, ZIP Codes
-- Geoprocessing Services Access Capabilities of Geospatial Analysis Clip and Ship, Print, Query, Search, Select
GSCI Geoscientific Information Pertaining to Earth Sciences Earthquakes, Erosion, Geology, Geophysical Features, Hydrogeology, Minerals, Soils
HLTH Health Health Facilities; Health Services; Health Trends; Human Ecology Diseases, Health Care Facilities, Mental and Physical Health, Public Health, Substance Abuse
HIST Historic Archeological Data; Historic Locations Archeological Sites; Historic Properties; Preservation Sites; Sites of Historic Events
HYDR Hydrology Movement of Water On and Below Earth’s Surface and In the Atmosphere Continental Shelf, Currents, Dams, Hydrography, Outer Continental Shelf, Rivers, Streams, Tides, Shoreline, Watersheds, Wetlands
IMAG Imagery Imagery Color Infrared Imagery; Composite Imagery; Grids; High Resolution Imagery; Incident-Specific Imagery
LOCA Location Positional Information and Services Addresses, Centroids, Geodetic Control Points
MLTY Military Military Activities, Bases and Structures Barracks, Events, Facilities, Military Transportation, Training Grounds
PLAN Planning Cadastre Land Designations; Property Boundary Delineation; Tax Appropriations Cadastral Surveys, Easements, Land Cover, Land Use, Parcel Boundaries, Tax Maps, Zoning
SAFE Public Safety Prevention of and Protection From Crime, Damage, Danger, Harm or Injury Correctional Facilities, Crime Statistics, Emergency Response, Fire and Police Stations
SOCI Society Community and Cultural Facilities; Non-Demographic Characteristics Casinos, Community Centers, Cultural Resources, Monuments, Sporting Venues
STRU Structure Man-Made Construction With No Cultural Value Architectural and Structural Plans, Building Footprints, Dams, Towers
TRAN Transportation Conveyance of Persons and/or Goods; Mobility Resources; Modal Infrastructure Airports, Bridges, Nautical Charts, Roads, Railways, Shipping Lanes, Tunnels
UTIL Utility Telecommunications Communication Systems; Energy Systems; Waste Systems; Water Systems Broadband, Cellular, Electric, Fiber, Gas, Geothermal, Hydroelectric, Radio, Sewage, Solar, Water
WEAT Weather Atmospheric Conditions; Atmospheric Phenomena Climate, Precipitation, Sea Level Rise, Storm Surge, Wind

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