Map Gallery

Interactive maps provide a unique way to explore a particular topic. The interactive maps in this gallery were developed using the MD iMAP infrastructure, services and application templates. The gallery contains interactive maps represen​ting a wide range of public services and initiatives.

Our most recent map gallery submissions are featured below:

Smart Growth Successes Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Profile Tool
This tool provides data on demographics, median housing sales, employment, transit use, land use land cover, generalized zoning, station area development projects, as well as TOD policies, programs, plans and implementation efforts within one-half mile a rail transit station.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP)

Chesapeake Bay Capital Budget Map Maryland's FY19 Chesapeake Bay Capital Budget Map
Find out where tax dollars are spent across Maryland for environment related projects. Users can interact with the map and view projects and funding by program or agency.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Information Technology (DoIT), the Maryland Department of Budget and Management (DBM), the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA), the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Maryland Environmental Service (MES)

2019 MDOT Attainment Report 2019 MDOT Attainment Report
An interactive online tour of MDOT's 2019 Annual Attainment Report on Transportation System Performance driven by the Maryland Transportation Plan.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Maryland Bikeways Program Maryland Bikeways Program
An interactive online story map showing the various bicycle related project awards by their phase, year, and category for the Maryland Bikeways Program​.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

Maryland GIS Bike Project Maryland GIS Bike Project
This story map provides stakeholders information on a single, authoritative, statewide comprehensive GIS file for bicycling networks (both on & off road) for Maryland.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT)

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