Map Gallery FAQ

How Do I Get My Maps Added to the Gallery?

Email the GIO Office at with the URL and description of your map, as well as, names of contributing partners. Additionally, provide a button icon (152 x 105 pixels) (Optional).​

How Were These Maps Built?

The applications consume data and services from MD iMAP, ArcGIS Online for Maryland, as well as, locally hosted ArcGIS Server services. Many of the maps were developed using the MD iMAP Template. Visit the Innovate section to find out more about how to use the MD iMAP Template for your applications.

Who Can Add Maps to the Gallery?

Maryland state and local government, as well as, Maryland non-governmental organizations and Maryland non-profit groups.​ Contact the GIO Office at for details.

Does the Map I am Submitting Have to Use Esri Technology?

​No, we will accept applications using other map technologies, including, for example, Google.

Does the Application Have to Be Hosted on MD iMAP ?

No, you may host your own application. We will simply link to your application's URL from the map gallery.​