LiDAR Overview

Elevation data is essential for a broad range of applications: flood risk management, ortho rectification, emergency managemen​t, damage assessment, viewshed analysis, natural resource conservation mangeme​nt, just to name a few. LiDAR, stands for Light Detection And Ranging and is currently the primary collection method for elevation data. The LiDAR initiative provides multiple options for users interested in exploring Maryland's elevation data.

NEW - Download
Elevation data for the entire state of Maryland is now available for download. Learn more about available LiDAR collections, download formats, typical LiDAR users and respective tutorials. Check back often as we continue to add more LiDAR resources for download.​​

Topography Server
The best available elevation data is maintained in a centralized location and provides a variety of core and derivative services in both c​ounty and statewide extents. Available services include digital elevation model (DEM) in feet and meters, shaded relief, slope, aspect and hillshade.

Topography Viewer
The Maryland Topography Viewer is a web application that allows users to view and interact with the elevation services hosted on the Maryland LiDAR server. Users can view, query and more on desktop and mobile devices.

Status Maps
Multiple contracts are executed each year to collect and process LiDAR data for areas within Maryland. The Available Acquisitions Status Map displays geographic extent, dates, funding sources and other basic metadata concerning various acquisitions. A complete list of LiDAR metadata is available for collections displayed in the Available Acquisitions Status map.

​​Please contact the GIO Office at or the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC) at for more information.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​