Innovate FAQ

Who Contributes to the Composite Locator?

​​The data for the Composite Locator comes from a number of Federal, State and Local sources. They include individual counties and municipalities, Maryland Department of Planning, Maryland State Highway Administration, and the U.S. Geologic Survey. Please visit the Composite Locator Data Sources page view to the full list of data sets and sources.

How Accurate is the Composite Locator?

​The Composite Locator “cascades” through each participating data set to find the best match of the address you are trying to locate. Our locator contains Address Points, which match a search to a point on top of a building. Address Points are the most accurate data set in the locator.

Do I Need to Worry About Personal Information in the Address Point Data?

No personal information is included in the address point repository.

How Do I Use the Maryland Composite Locator in ArcGIS Desktop?

Please see How to Use the Maryland Composite Locator in ArcGIS Desktop instructions for assistance.

How is the MD iMAP Template Different From Other Esri ArcGIS Online Templates?

The MD iMAP Template is an enhanced version of Esri’s Basic Viewer for ArcGIS Online. Our template includes additional tools and functionality that is not present in Esri’s out of the box solution. It also includes a standardized look and feel for those Maryland State Agencies that wish to create applications while using ArcGIS Online maps.

Where Can I Get the MD iMAP Template?

If you are just using ArcGIS Online, the MD iMAP Template is available as an application template in ArcGIS Online for Maryland, Maryland's organization on Esri's AGOL Cloud Platform. If you have access to a web server, you can download the MD iMAP Template code from our GitHub repository. Be sure to upload any new and exciting changes you make to the template code back to GitHub, we are always looking for innovation!

I'm Having Trouble Getting the MD iMAP Template Working, What Do I Do?

Contact the GIO Office at for assistance if you are having issues with the MD iMAP Template. Please include any relevant information about your application, ArcGIS Online webmap and issue so we can better assist you.