Initiatives FAQ

Are These Long-Term Initiatives of the GIO Office?

Resources permitting, the GIO Office is committed to sustaining and supporting each of the listed initiatives, as appropriate.

Why are Local Address Points and Centerlines Not Available as Services on MD iMAP?

Currently this data is collected to facilitate data sharing among state and local governments. Derivative services, such as the Maryland Composite Locator, are available for public consumption. In the future, the GIO Office would like to formalize data sharing agreements with local governments to make this valuable data available to all end users.

How Often is the Local Address Point and Centerline Data Updated?

Local governments are requested to provide updates monthly. Participation in this monthly update varies. In the future, an extract, transform and load (ETL) process will be available and facilitate an increase in participation.

Are Local Governments Mandated to Share Their Address Point and Centerline Data?

Local governments are not mandated to share their data and participate in these initiatives voluntarily.

What Are the Accuracy Specifications for the Aerial Imagery?

Aerial imagery is currently required to meet American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS) Class I Accuracy Standards for 1" =200' maps. The base product is collected at a 6 inch ground pixel resolution with a horizontal accuracy of 4.895 inches. The current specifications also require the imagery shall be 4-band (Red, Green, Blue, and Near-Infrared) and leaf-off.

Are There Other Products Derived From the Aerial Imagery?

Local governments have the option to “buy up” or purchase other products including higher resolution imagery, planimetric data, and land use/land cover data. Please see the Buy Up Options page for details.

What Are the Accuracy Specifications for the LiDAR Data?

LiDAR data throughout the State has been collected at different times with varying accuracy specifications. Please see the LiDAR Metadata Summary Table for details.

What Products Are Derived From the LiDAR Data? And Is the Raw LiDAR Data Available?

The derived products currently available include a digital elevation model (DEM), slope raster, aspect raster, and hillshade raster. The raw LiDAR data is not made available at this time.

When Will Next Generation 9-1-1 Systems Be Deployed in Maryland?

At this time a Next Generation 9-1-1 rollout schedule for Maryland is not available.

What Kind of Information is Available in the OSPREY Public Map Viewer?

The OSPREY Public map viewer contains a variety of information to provide citizens with better situational awareness. This information includes traffic conditions, traffic cameras, weather radar, active weather watches and warnings, and stream flood gauges.