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Imagery Products

Maryland Digital High-Resolution Aerial Photography Products

Six Inch Imagery Graphic Cached Map Services
There are cached map services that display high resolution orthoimagery collected through Maryland’s Statewide Orthoimagery Program. One of the cached map services (Six Inch Imagery 2010 - 2011) displays true color imagery. The 2020 (Western Shore) and the 2019 (Eastern Shore) 4-band imagery is displayed in the MD Six Inch Imagery Cached Map Service.

CIR Imagery Graphic Image Services
The MD Six Inch Imagery Image Service displays the 2019/2020 4-band high resolution orthoimagery. Unlike cached map services, image services provide the user more control over how the underlying mosaic dataset is displayed. Among other capabilities, the user is able to modify the mosaic method used (e.g. Closest To Center, By Attribute, Seamline, etc.), the mosaic operator used (e.g. First, Last, Min, Max, etc.) and the band combinations used (e.g. 4,3,2 RGB) in order to achieve the appropriate display for a given task. The image service can be incorporated into web mapping applications or used in the desktop environment.​​


National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP) Products

NAIP Imagery Graphic NAIP Services
MD iMAP hosts several cached map services that display a statewide mosaic of leaf-on aerial imagery collected during the agricultural growing season by the National Agricultural Imagery Program (NAIP). The imagery is often used for estimating crop plantings and yields. MD iMAP hosts NAIP imagery map services for years 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 20132015, and 2017.

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