The Geographic Information Office (GIO) strives to meet the needs of our customers by providing everyone with the best possible data available. Through collaboration with our partners, we have been able to provide access to a large collection of data via MD iMAP that can be leveraged for use in many applications and analyses.

GIS Data Catalog
Parcels GraphicQuickly search for the latest data and geographic content from Maryland contributors. Use keyword or geographic searches to find and quickly display content. Also download into multiple formats or access via APIs for local use.

Open Data Portal
Open Data GraphicNumerous, additional geographic and non-geographic data sets are available for search. Built-in tools allow for visualization of the data in a table, graph or map format. The Portal is managed by Department of Information Technology (DoIT) with contributions from many State agencies.

Imagery Graphic​Aerial imagery is essential for giving 9-1-1 dispatchers the proper context in the event of an emergency call. Thanks to a dedicated funding stream from Maryland’s Emergency Number Systems Board and support from local governments, publicly accessible aerial imagery for the entire state is available and updated on a three year cycle.

Shaded Relief Graphic​The Maryland LiDAR server has been created to provide open access to statewide elevation information for use in a variety of studies and applications. The Maryland LiDAR server maintains the best available elevation data and provides image services in both county and statewide extents.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Data Downloads and Services
Road Centerlines GraphicSearch an inventory of available spatial and non-spatial data dow​nload sites. From these sites users can download or, in some cases, order data. Additional resources are provided to organizational web mapping applications where data can be viewed and reviewed.

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