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Street Address​
parcel iconhouse iconstreet iconA street address cons​ists of a building number, street name, city, state, and ZIP code. A building number, street name, and ZIP code is required. Only Maryland addresses are geocoded.​

Example: 600 S Rose St, Baltimore, MD 21224

street iconAn intersection is a point where two streets connect. Street names are required. For best results, include the ZIP code where the intersection exists.

Example: York Rd @ Burke Ave 21204 or York Rd & Burke Ave 21204

Highway Exit
highway iconA highway exit is a point where a highway and an exit connect. For best results, a route name and exit number must be included.

Example: I 83 Exit 27 or I-83 Exit 27

Mile Marker
mile marker iconA mile marker denotes mileage points along a highway. For best results, a route name and mile marker number must be included.

Example: I 70 Mile Marker 68 or I-70 Mile Marker 68

Place Name
place name iconA place name is a municipality/town/city name, institution name, landmark name or environmental feature name.

Example: Annapolis or University of Maryland or Washington Monument

ZIP Code
zip code iconA ZIP code is a group of five numbers that cover delivery areas in the United States. This locator uses ZIP Codes maintained by the Maryland Department of Planning.

Example: 21224

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