Business and Tourism

The interactive maps below include information for both the public and local businesses. Tourists can find out the latest in arts and entertainment or explore historic sites. Businesses can find out about incentive zones or doing business in Maryland.

MDOT ORED Property Search MDOT ORED Property Search
This interactive web map shows properties that are owned by the Maryland Department of Transportation and are available for sale. Property details include current status, acreage, parcel information, and tax maps.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) Office of Real Estate and Economic Development (ORED)

State Alternative Fuel Sites Farmers Market Directory
The Farmers Market Directory map allows users to find information on the nearest farmers market. Farmers Market vendors and product suppliers can also discover which markets participate in federally funded programs.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA)

State Alternative Fuel Sites DGS Managed State Facilities
The Maryland Department of General Services (DGS) owns and manages 59 state buildings and facilities, including the Maryland State House, office buildings in Baltimore and District Courts located throughout the State.

Provided by the Maryland Department of General Services (DGS)

Maryland Economic Development Partners Maryland Economic Development Partners
Have a local economic development issue? Use the map to identify and connect with the economic development ombudsman for your jurisdiction. There are available representatives from county and local jurisdictions.

Provided by the Maryland Department of Commerce

Visit Maryland Interactive Map Visit Maryland Interactive Map
Use this travel planning interactive map to discover fun and exciting places to visit and see. Categories include accommodations, attractions, dining, entertainment, events, shopping and visitors services.

Provided by the Maryland Office of Tourism

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