Maryland Statewide Addressing Initiative (MSAI)

Addressing GraphicThe Maryland Statewide Address Initiative (MSAI) is a tw​o phase project aimed at​ collecting local data for the primary purpose of locating features within Maryland.

Both of these collection efforts extract disparate data schemas, transform them into a common data model, and load them into a statewide dataset. These datasets are then made available back to the local jurisdictions and incorporated into Maryland’s Composite Locator.

Phase 1: Maryland Statewide Address Initiative (MSAI)
Started in 2007, Phase 1 collects street centerline data from local jurisdictions. This data is typically updated on a monthly basis by participating counties.

Phase 2: Maryland Statewide Address Initiative (MSAI)
Phase 2 began in January 2013 and involves the collection of local address point data. Typically, these points are located on addressable structures throughout the State of Maryland.​​​

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