Phase 2: MSAI Overview

Most counties, in the State, collect and ​maintain address point data used primarily for emergency management and 911 call taking applications. Phase 2 of the Maryland Statewide Addressing Initiative (MSAI) is not a duplication of this effort, but seeks to leverage existing investments, for a broad range of applications, by collecting and standardizing local address databases. No personal information will be included in the address repository.

Addressing Graphic 2To date, over 2.5 million address points have been collected from all 23 counties and the City of Baltimore. These points have been standardized and merged to create a seamless address point file across the State. Aside from providing a very accurate locator service for the State, counties now have access to adjoining jurisdictions’ data via an online data extraction application. The existence of a standardized address repository will provide many benefits and allow customized development of applications to meet a wide array of location based analytics.

Goals and Objectives
Phase 2 of the MSAI continues to be a priority initiative for the State of Maryland. Clear goals and objectives, for the next year and beyond, are outlined.

This initiative is not a readdressing project, it is designed to meet the needs of all partners, including those at the state, regional and local levels. A list of realized and anticipated benefits are provided.​​​

Status Map
A status map is available which displays progress of the Phase 2 efforts, including where addresses have been processed, included in Maryland's Composite Locator or not yet received.

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