Phase 2: MSAI Goals and Objectives

The goals of Phase 2 of the Maryland Statewide Addressing Initiative (MSAI) aim to 1) Leverage existing and ongoing investments in geospatial address collection and maintain them for local, regional and statewide benefit and 2) Promote collaboration and coordination at local, regional, and state agencies to foster on-going ​relationships for the sake of a maintained address repository for the State of Maryland.


  • Collect existing address point data from local jurisdictions throughout Maryland
  • Validate local data against statewide datasets and report findings back to local governments
  • Define a common data model and transition collected data to the defined schema
  • Identify and determine needed resources for a repeatable process for gathering and storing the address point data for the State of Maryland
  • Identify areas of the State which address coverage and accuracy can be improved and identify funding to accomplish these improvements
  • Publish one or more services for the public which rely on the collected address database (geocoding service, web-mapping service, etc.)

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