Phase 2: MSAI Benefits

Creating a master address repository containing authoritative data from local jurisdictions has many benefits. Having an accurate means by which local and state agencies and the public can locate addresses is fundamental to many business processes. A Danish study estimated that a publicly available national address database resulted in social benefits of 14 million Euros. Below are only a few of the benefits that a master address repository will bring to the State of Maryland.

  • Enable a standardized, accurate statewide geocoding service.
  • Leverage existing investments
  • Increase the accuracy of mapping broadband availability
  • Increase administrative accuracy at state, regional, and local jurisdictions
    • Streamline enumeration within boundaries for the proper provision of services and taxation
  • Support emergency response services
    • Assist with dispatch along jurisdictional boundaries and inter-jurisdictional responders
    • Assist with disaster preparedness and damage assessment
  • Reduce redundant data requests among local governments
  • Provide local governments with feedback and potentially ongoing assistance with address collection
  • Enable a standardized, accurate statewide geocoding service

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