ArcGIS Online (AGOL) FAQ

What is ArcGIS Online (AGOL)?

ArcGIS Online (AGOL) is a cloud-based GIS product, from Esri, that allows users to easily and quickly produce interactive web maps and apps and share with other State users or the general public.

How Do I Sign Up for ArcGIS Online for Maryland?

Accounts for ArcGIS Online for Maryland are available to state employees of eligible Maryland State agencies or contractors doing work on behalf of those state agencies. Use the ArcGIS Online for Maryland Account Request Form to gain access.

What is ArcGIS Online for Maryland?

ArcGIS Online for Maryland is an online collection of apps, data, geographic knowledge and maps relating to all aspects of Maryland State Government. It also offers access to web appliaction development tools for quick deployment of interactive mapping applications, which are accessible on any device, desktop or mobile.

How is ArcGIS Online for Maryland Being Used?

ArcGIS Online for Maryland is being used in a variety of ways across the state. Many agencies are using ArcGIS Online to power maps shown on their publicly facing websites. Some agencies are using ArcGIS Online to communicate and share data with other agencies. Developers are using ArcGIS Online with the MD iMAP Template to create custom apps for the environment, capital budgets, and emergency management.

How Can I Learn More About Using ArcGIS Online for Maryland?


​The GIO Office has created a Statewide GIS Training Program that offers training courses on using ArcGIS Online with MD iMAP resources.

What Should I Do If I Requested an ArcGIS Online for Maryland Account, but Never Received a Response?

After the GIO Office receives your request, you will receive an email invitation directly from Esri to complete the registration process. In some cases, this email will end up in a user's Junk Email folder or may be blocked by an agency's mail server. If you have not received the email invitation within 48 hours of your request, please contact the GIO Office at

When I go to the Login Page for ArcGIS Online for Maryland, I am Given Two Options, Why?


​As an enterprise solution, ArcGIS Online for Maryland has been integrated with the State’s single sign-on system. If you are a user, please click on the “USING YOUR CONNECT.MD.GOV ACCOUNT” button. If you are a user, please click on the “USING YOUR ARCGIS ACCOUNT” button.

How do I Connect to ArcGIS Online Through ArcMap Using Single Sign-On?


​To connect to ArcGIS Online through ArcMap using Single Sign-On do the following:

  1. Click the File menu button
  2. Click the Sign In button
  3. Click the Sign in with Enterprise Account button
  4. Complete the ArcGIS Online Organization URL by entering “maryland”
  5. Click the Sign in to ArcGIS Online for Maryland “USING YOUR CONNECT.MD.GOV ACCOUNT” button
  6. Enter your information and click Submit to log in

What Is MD GeoShare?

MD GeoShare is additional ArcGIS Online organization that is for sharing data, maps, apps, tools and geographic knowledge between Local, Regional, University and State GIS groups.

How is MD GeoShare Being Used?

MD GeoShare is a platform that not only allows local, regional and university GIS users to collaborate with the State and each other, but also allows the State to collaborate with the Federal Government Agencies. It also offers access to groups committed to sharing data and information during emergencies and steady state to help Maryland be a more resilient, prepared, and responsive state. An additional benefit is the ability for Emergency Managers and GIS users within Local Jurisdictions to host and maintain a suite of damage collection tools. The Damage Collection Web Map, Collector App, and Operation Dashboard are all available to jurisdictions willing to engage them with State support.

How Do I Sign Up for MD GeoShare?

New MD GeoShare accounts are available to smaller groups and jurisdictions who do not already have access to an ArcGIS Online organization. Those local, regional or university GIS groups that already have an ArcGIS Online organization, can still join MD GeoShare with existing ArcGIS Online usernames. Use the MD GeoShare Account Request Form to gain access.​​

Why Can't I Upload More Than 1,000 Features into ArcGIS Online?

This is a known limitation of ArcGIS Online when working through a web interface. To upload more than 1,000 features into ArcGIS Online, publish the features in ArcGIS Desktop to ArcGIS Online as a hosted feature service.

What About Security in AGOL?

The AGOL platform has been certified at several security standards. Please visit Trust ArcGIS to find out more.

How can I Share my Data, Maps and Apps?


Your ArcGIS Online data, maps and apps can be shared at several levels:

  • Not Shared - Accessible only to you
  • ArcGIS Online Organizational Groups - Accessible to ArcGIS Online for Maryland groups that contain specific users
  • ArcGIS Online for Maryland - Accessible to the entire ArcGIS Online for Maryland organization
  • Public - Accessible to everyone, including users not in the ArcGIS Online for Maryland organization

I’ve Received a Message That I’ve Exceeded my Credit Usage, What Should I do?


​Please contact the GIO Office through the DoIT Service Desk with your ArcGIS Online for Maryland username and the processes or analysis you need additional credits for.

Why can’t I Geocode Using the Esri World Geocoder from ArcGIS Desktop when Logged into ArcGIS Online?


​The GIO Office has decided to disable use of the Esri World Locator through ArcGIS Online for Maryland. ArcGIS Online for Maryland has a limited number of service credits available which must be shared among all its users. As a limited resource, we must responsibly track and limit usage if appropriate. Please use the Maryland Composite Locator for geocoding locations within Maryland. If you need to geocode locations outside of Maryland, please contact the GIO Office at for assistance.

What Types of Items Can I Store in ArcGIS Online?


​ArcGIS Online allows for the storage of many different types of geospatial and non-geospatial data types. Please visit this ArcGIS Online support page for the types of content you can add.

What are Web Mapping Applications and Story Maps?


Web Mapping Applications are template based applications that combine GIS data and GIS analysis tools. ArcGIS Online contains a variety of web mapping application templates with different layouts and tools based on the needs of your application. The GIO Office also provides templates for a common look and feel for State of Maryland applications.

Story Maps are interactive mapping applications that provide unique ways to display map content with other text, images and multimedia content. A variety of layouts and formats are available that can be hosted within ArcGIS Online or on your own server.